Hannah’s in the epilesy monitoring unit in Denver and has recieved so much support! Thank you!

So Hannah was supposed to be flown down to Denver to be admitted in the children’s hosital for monitoring, by angel flight on Monday morning. Because of the severe weather, the pilot call Saturday night and said he wouldn’t be able to fly but if we wouldnt mind going a day earlier he could come pick us up in the morning and drive us down. Which he did. He is a complete stranger yet he used his own gas and time to drive me and my daughter to another state. He also stopped and bought us lunch along the way! He will be back on Thursday to fly us home. I can’t believe how awesome and generous some people are.

    I am also on a birth board online and have recieved so much support through the women there. Many of them have been praying for and thinking about Hannah and some have even donated money to assist in her medical care. It makes me cry to think about it. I got a message yesterday from a mom on the board named Amber and she asked if her and her little girl, who is Hannah’s age, could come and visit Hannah at the hospital. They got here yesterday afternoon and brought her a cute stuffed frog. She loves it!  Amber’s daughter, Delaney was so sweet to Hannah and even bent down and kissed her after she started to cry. 😦 We will be meeting another mom and her lo tomorrow as we meet up with them again. It’ s so nice to see Hannah making friends! Thank you everyone for all of your support!!!



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