Our flight was cancelled and we missed Hannah’s appointments

Hannah has a neurology appointment tomorrow morning to check on the hydrocephalus and another one in the afternoon to check on the helmet and see if there has been anymore improvement. We were scheduled to fly out this morning with angel flight and back on Wednesday with footprints in the sky. We found out late last night that her return flight was cancelled so we then had to cancel her flight out this morning. I am so bummed out about it. I really wanted to see if there was an improvement and see how everything looks in her brain. We were also supposed to see my youngest son’s neurologist wednesday morning to talk about a new surgery to correct the epilepsy. I feel horrible not being able to get them there. I know it’s important for her to not go more then a month without having the doctor check and adjust the helmet. I can’t do much on Labor day but tomorrow morning i will call and see if there is a way to get down next week. 

    On a good note, we did a fundraiser for Hannah at Montanna Mikes on Thursday and had a lot better turn out then expected. We only had two days to invite people so we only had 11 people show up but, she made enough off those 11 people to pay for her next trip down. 🙂 We want to thank everyone who came and everyone who has supported Hannah through thoughts, Prayers, well wishes, visits, and donations! You are all very special to us!


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