Hannah is a beautiful and loved little girl who is nine months old. Hannah was diagnosed with external hydrocephalus and brachyacephaly at seven months and also raynauds disease at eight months. She now has a helmet that will help overtime to correct the brachacephaly but her insurance has decided not to cover it and hannah’s family is struggling to provide over 3,000 dollars for her helmet. Her raynauds and neurological issues are not under control and hannah is in pain and discomfort nearly every day. Her family and friends pray  for relief for hannah and the financial ability to pay for all medical needs and transportation to the childrens hospital in colorado! If you would like to donate you can just click the button below. Thanks!

Hannah's Medical Help


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  1. My daughter, Stephanie has reynauds. Their feet and hands turn ice cold. Angel Flight will fly your kids where they need for free, if there is that program in your state. Sorry about your little girl. We’ll always have you in our prayers. The money part will all work out…try not to worry.

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